Sunday, January 11, 2009

***update 1/18/09...dakota is a strong little pup and gets to return home on monday. i will finally get to see her next week. i will take more pictures of her being cute. because that's what puppies do. i'll take some of bella too because she is the big dog in charge. and she likes the camera. all about the attention.

this is dakota. please say a little prayer for her. my parents just got her on friday and she is sick in the animal clinic with parvo. i have yet to meet her but i hear she is a sweet little girl with a kind demeanor. i love animals as do my parents. they think they caught it quick enough. again, please send happy thoughts her way.

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Spork Fashion said...

Oh my goodness... what a beautiful little girl! Parvo is so scary, but it IS treatable! She looks like a trooper - she is going to be fine.