Thursday, January 08, 2009

selling stuff on etsy in january! during a recession! yeah me!
and thank you buyers for continuing to shop handmade. i just had the discussion tonight of why art is selling during these scary times. here are my 2 reasons behind it... first art will increase in value. of course it can decrease as well. but not like your stock or 401k. investing in tangible goods like art, real estate, etc make sense while the retail prices have been lowered. second, people are being more "thoughtful" about their decisions. i define thoughtful on this basis: we are realizing how badly large companies, stores, corporations have been living large, over charging us and shipping jobs overseas. supporting local and national artists keeps the money in the u.s. to the individual not the corporation. if i have little money to spend i want to make it count.
i have been very organized so far regarding art stuff for the new year. i have plenty of photos ready for listing on etsy. i need to get some new artwork sorted out for baycrafters. i finished writing my workshop proposal-i think-i'm being a bit obsessive about it.
tomorrow i get to go to the bubble to hide and clean and be back at making things for the first time in over a month. but first, i sleep!

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