Monday, June 27, 2005

soup bowl with mouse black glaze, reduction fired Posted by Hello

teabowl with glaze that was supposed to be red but not quite, my metallic black glaze seems to reject reduction firing Posted by Hello

salt fired porcelain vase Posted by Hello

salt fired porcelain lined with white glaze Posted by Hello

wood fired porcelain, bad angle but you get the idea, no glaze need for lots of variation Posted by Hello

tray with carving of fossilized sea urchin, porcelain with a shino glaze Posted by Hello

close up of sea urchin tray Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 11, 2005

here are the pictures from kitschen and dish Posted by Hello

art buyers taking in buzz's last show Posted by Hello

close up of the purple series Posted by Hello

some bowls that made it in the show even though their relevance was at one point unclear Posted by Hello

closeup of my favorite piece, the tray with handles is the direction i'm currently heading in-so i think. Posted by Hello

my show before, note no bullet hole above it at this point Posted by Hello

a peak into the wood kiln Posted by Hello