Monday, November 29, 2010

Its a busy holiday season coming up. Below is my show list. I hope you can stop by!

ArtCraft Building Show (just added so you won't find my name on the card)
Saturday, Dec 4th from noon-8
Sunday, Dec 5th from noon-6

Bazaar Bizarre at 78th St. Studios
Saturday, Dec 11 from noon-9
Sunday, Dec 12 from noon-6
Animals in Art at the Orange Art Center
Saturday, Dec 11 from 10-4
Sunday, Dec 12 from noon-4
***I will not be present as I will be at Bazaar Bizarre

Screw Factory Artist Open Studio at the Lake Erie Building
Friday, Dec 17 from 6-9
Saturday, Dec 18 from 10-6 ***Studios will be open this day in conjunction with the Last Minute Market

On that note, I don't have a full day off until December 19th! I'm going blogpost-less for awhile. I might squeeze in some show photos here or there but if I don't have a great holiday!
Benefit Art Auction
December 3, 2010
7-10 pm

Art House Revealed Invitation


Join us for Art House Revealed, an anonymous art auction featuring local artists. Trust your instincts to guide your art selections. All works are signed and artists identities revealed at 9 o'clock. Help Art House celebrate the revealing of the artists with whom we partner. Don't miss this evening of fun which includes lite food/dessert, cash bar, and entertainment.



7:00 Silent auction registration; auction opens

8:30 Live auction begins

9:00 REVEALING of artists

9:30 Silent auction closes

This event is free, but donations are welcome. Registration suggested:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I am the soup queen...

As you know sometimes this is a cooking blog. My mom always said I would be a good cook because I love to eat. I watched her make soup all of the time and I suppose that is how I learned. My wedding soup still runs a close second to hers. We both make pretty damn good beef stew as well. Last week while at Heinen's I tried their vegetable beef soup. I must say it rocked! Gotta love Heinen's. I decided to merge the two recipes and make my own. I put everything in the crock pot because frankly anytime you cook beef the crock pot tenderizes it so perfectly. Here is the recipe:

1 box of beef broth. I used Trader Joe's Organic.
1 package of beef for stew.
2 carrots chopped.
1 leek chopped lengthwise.
1 zucchini chopped.
1/2 package of mushrooms chopped.
1 potato sliced and diced.
3 celery stalks sliced.
Finely sliced kale. I figured I would try it as I had some lying around.
A bit of tomatoes. You can use paste or sauce too.
Bacon! Because bacon makes everything better.
Red wine.
Sea salt.

First I sauteed the bacon, leeks, salt. Then I put that on top of the beef in the crock pot. I threw everything else in and let it do its magic for the next 4 hours. Then I removed the meat and shredded it with a fork. I then proceeded to puree about half of the stew. I threw everything back together and mixed it up. Perfection.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Complaint Department Is Closed Until Further Notice

I read a lot of pottery blogs. I like to see what other potters are creating, what shows work or don't work for them, frustrations about selling, etc. Its a great community and I've made some friends through twitter and blogs. However there is one thing that is irking me this week. Successful potters complaining about being successful potters.

As I write this its Thursday evening and I have just finished day four of an eleven day work stretch. This includes my day job which is administrative, teaching at the day job, teaching at another non profit and teaching in my studio.

I realize that it sucks to do production pottery, especially at the holidays. I do it too. Its the time of year where I make rather than create. Cranking out soap dishes, coasters and ornaments like I'm a machine. However I don't get to be a potter full time. I don't even get to be a potter at all some weeks. I'm lucky if I can find two days a week to consistently work in the studio. When I read about how full time potters are complaining about being full time potters I start to get jealous and a bit angry. Every job has its ups, downs and annoyances. I would kill to be you. I envy your success. You are the minority. You have done something I can't imagine pulling off.

On that note, its time for bed. Day five in the eleven day stretch awaits...

Monday, November 08, 2010

Check out my opening on November 16th!!!! See the press release below.

Local Stoneware Artist Opens Next Exhibit in Seiberling Gallery

Peninsula- Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibit Silent Fragments which will display works of local clay artist Gina DeSantis. The artist’s reception on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 will be held from 5:30 p.m. through 7:30 p.m. The show is currently open for viewing and will run through December 3, 2010 at the Seiberling Gallery located in the administrative offices at 1403 W. Hines Hill Road Peninsula, OH. Gallery Hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and weekends upon request.

Born and raised in Lorain, Ohio, Gina DeSantis grew up taking over her parents’ kitchen table and using it as her first studio. After earning her B.A. from Cleveland State and a M.F.A. in ceramics from Kent State University she moved into her studio at the Lake Erie Building and for the past six years she has taught courses out of her studio as well as at Art House and the Orange Art Center.

With over a decade of stoneware and porcelain clay making experience she has created functional vessels and wareables, a line of jewelry. Her work continues to revolve around the parallel of making objects and the ritual of their use. It is clear that the interaction between objects and their environment plays a central theme in her body of work. Gina’s work seeks to balance beauty and function with rich texture accompanied by monochromatic color selections. The latest series of work incorporates the cherry blossom motif into her functional vessels and wall tiles.

“The present fast-paced world dominated by technology and instantaneous results has led me to appreciate the meticulous process of craft over the past decade. We weave pottery into our daily habits and routines. I strive for simplicity while making beautiful objects for the home.”

“Things that may be considered less traditional for a potter inspire me: Fashion, home d├ęcor trends, the environment and landscape of living in a city such as Cleveland. The cherry blossom motif traditionally represents springtime, mortality and the fleeting nature of life. With the quickly changing seasons of this city I find them to be an ideal motif.”

“The wall tiles, inspired by African textiles and pottery shards, have been a work in progress for over a year. They are decorated with a combination of handmade stamps and textile stamps with no two ever being identical. “

Gina DeSantis will have her work on display and for sale at Park Place in Peninsula. Park Place in Peninsula is located at 1593 Main Street in Peninsula next to the Winking Lizard. For store hours visit

CVNPA is a nonprofit organization created to engage public support for the park and provide services to enhance public use and enjoyment of the park. For more information about CVNPA and its programs, visit or call (330) 657-2909.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Another successful open studio is complete! Thank you to everyone who stopped by, shopped, helped me with the to-do list and brought me mimosa fixins! Our next event is Friday, Dec 17th from 6-9pm. Then we open the doors again the next day for the Cleveland Handmade Last Minute Market from 10-6. Its a huge event. Please join us!!!

After the open studio I filled my 10-noon ornament workshop next weekend. But I have spots left in the 1-3pm slot. Drop me an email if you wish to register.

Holiday Workshops at my Studio
Due to the overwhelming response I'm hosting 2 ornament workshops rather than a cup workshop. If you want to make cups in one by all means go for it! They are perfect for beginners or more intermediate to advanced students. Its also a great opportunity to create some inexpensive and unique gifts!
Ornament Making Workshop
Saturday, November 13th and Sunday November 14th
from 10-noon FULL or 1-3pm (7 spots left!)
Please specify the time when you register!
The first day you will cut and carve your ornaments. The second day you will glaze them. I will fire them for you and add some colorful ribbon. They make perfect gifts for the holiday season. Pick up dates will be arranged for your pieces.
Cost $50.
No refunds can be made for these workshops. Supplies are ordered specifically for each workshop. Registrations will not be held without payment which is due one week before the class start date. No exceptions.