Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i would love to post a picture for you but i still don't have MY laptop! i have stolen dad's while mine is under repair. i hope to be reunited sometime tomorrow. then i can finish my logo job, get the open studio cards completed and start doing some web design.

today i checked out a new-ish hardware store in lakewood. i went to home depot to find a higher mesh sieve. my glazes have something gritty that my old screen can't filter out. after the hd employee looked blankly at me i decided to head over to lakewood hardware. keep in mind that a higher mesh sieve through a ceramics site would run me $30 or more dollars plus shipping. thankfully they had a handy bag do-dad for painters. so i get double the filter and just place it in my other sieve. and it cost $1. gotta love that. kinda like the time i ordered a silicone rolling pin (because the clay doesn't stick). it arrives and its a fiesta ware brand roller i could have bought at target for cheaper. making your own pottery gadgets are the way to go.

i have some new work to post online too. some of it needs a redo. the glazes just came out wrong or things look less than stellar. i'm trying to complete some work to enter in juried gallery shows. with my free time i feel i should use it wisely. i feel unfocused with the burden of trying to find employment. i also think i've reached the end of the internet.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I was "tagged" by the lovely Bridget Ginley to reveal seven aspects about me you may not know.

I wasn't always allergic to apples and pineapples thus making my eating habits far less ridiculous. Everyone claims to know this then they try to make me something with one or both as an ingredient. Please stop trying to poison me.

I can't get a job in Cleveland because someone's best friend's sister's cousin is related to the person in charge. Despite any qualifications I may have the past 2.5 years have been spent being constantly reminded that I don't know the right people. I work my tail off to get noticed for my efforts and I feel nothing but let down. Nepotism is king. Sure that's true in most cities but alas here I am in Cleveland.

I am a great teacher. I am never happier then when I am in the classroom. I feel at home and as if this is truly what I am meant to be doing.

I prefer animals to humans. If I was not working in the arts I would be working with critters. I have always loved animals and I appreciate their ability to not judge and screw you over.

I'm a Veronica, not a Heather.

I often want to just go away for a few months on a residency and make pottery all day with no real goal then just to make things. Oh, look at that. I have the time now. Did I mention this dream residency is somewhere warm?

I have no idea what I'm doing. I mean I do in a sense. Or at least I'm good at pretending but most of the time I just go with my gut whether people agree or not.

and i tag...


Monday, March 16, 2009

Ceramics Workshop at Tri-C
East Presented by the the Tri-C Pottery Club

I am teaching a one day workshop entitled "On and Off the Wheel". We will explore multiple forms and using wheel thrown objects to enhance hand built vessels.
Saturday, April 4th from 9-4:30
Building EEC Room 138
Cuyahoga Community College East
4250 Richmond Rd, Highland Hills, OH 44122

The fee is $20. Please bring 1/2-1 bag of clay with you and tools. The deadline for sign up is March 21. Make checks payable to Susan Borstein (treasurer)
Mail payments to: Susan Borstein
26150 Fairmount Blvd
Beachwood, OH 44122

bring a brown bag lunch. beverages will be provided. contact Sheila Tiddle with any questions at 440.781.1221

I hope to see you there!
the cleveland handmade team spring challenge is up....
i think i want smashing's new necklace.
off to the studio. i will post new coaster pics and some other stuff soon. wed is operation make the studio function. nothing is in the right place so it seems. the more organized it is the more i can accomplish. then i'm cleaning the house. wed is gonna suck. except for lost of course.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

how to keep my unemployed self busy this week...

1. go to the studio and make everything i have not had the time to make. this includes more bowls, cups of course and some jewelry ideas. also some tiles to wrap in pmc. my tray shards are too thick.
2. post evidence of this hard work to my flickr...
3. spring clean the house. and throw out a bunch of crap. tomorrow is trash day. i have a mission.
4. finish apryl's logos. half way done and she is happy so i am happy.
5. make ellen a pretty website.
6. go to the gym more than twice a week. the recession diet is in. you only eat ramen and hotdogs and workout because you are paying for the membership. if its nice a walk may be in order.
7. parttake in the cheapness that is lakewood happy hour. i must socialize to some extent.
8. list more things on artfire. take things off of etsy and put new things on.
9. fix the bad feng shui in my studio and the wonky wedging table.
10. drink $3 wine with ruth.
as you can see i will be quite busy living the glamourous life of a starving artist.
oh yeah and come see my at the clifton arts and musicfest in june. cheers.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A few of my favorite things on etsy...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i have this tick that causes me to make mugs. i love to make them. and i'm in a cup show in may so i keep making more and more. so in an attempt to clean out my etsy shop i'm having a little sale.
buy one mug get one free!!!
here are the rules: shipping charges still apply (its expensive to ship kids, and you're getting a total deal).
the free mug will be the one that costs less.
full price and sale mugs are included. and anything in the mugs and cups section of my shop...this includes tea bowls and tumblers.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

check out the lovely st patty's day mix from virtuallori on the cleveland handmade site...

soggy bowls

i went to the studio today in hopes to trim a bunch of bowls. too wet. i am out of soup bowls. i was cleaned out at my christmas shows. i was in the mug zone so i thought it was time to take a break. i have some new serving bowls on etsy. hopefully i can do a big bisque firing this weekend. i have some new lighter glazes for the spring to mix with my current palette.
visit my flickr for more works in progress. off for tacos and beers with the girls!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Two classes with me in April!
I am teaching a Precious Metal Clay workshop at Art House next month. PMC is this lovely material that is clay-like in texture with silver particles suspended in the body. You mold it, shape it, sand it and then fire it in a kiln. After about 20 minutes you have a piece of jewelry that is 99% silver. Its great for me because I loved jewelry design but I hated sawing and soldering. Plus its instant gratification.
And the lovely ladies of Art House have added another wheel throwing class in April. Its an all levels class. I promise you will have fun and make cool things.
Check out the info below from the Art House site:
Precious Pendant
Precious Metal Clay Studio Class
April 7 – April 21, 3 weeks, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Class fee: $185, all supplies included
Clay turns to silver! Sculpt this extraordinary clay-like material as you would any clay (by hand molds, stamps) to make silver jewelry. By the end of the class you will have made at least 2 pendants and will have learned the skills to work at home.
Wheel Throwing All Levels
April 6 - May 4, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Class fee: $125 (5 weeks), $225 (10 weeks)
Class fee includes: 25lbs of clay, glazes, and firings.
All levels welcome.
Throw bowls and cups on the wheel. Or if you are more advanced, work on plates, teapots, and large bowls. Classes are small so this course is tailored for each individual. Enhance those thrown shapes with hand-built handles, spouts, and decoration. All clays and glazes are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe.
Hope to see you there!!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

my artwork has returned from beehive cincinatti. l