Saturday, January 01, 2005

Interested in buying my work?

I work mainly in stoneware, occasionally in porcelain. If you see anything on my site you are interested in purchasing please send me an email at . Commissions are also welcome. Please keep in mind I have a palette of glazes both commercial and handmade that I work with regularly. I sell wholesale to galleries or on consignment.

Prices ranges vary based on the clay, the glaze and the size or intricate nature of the piece. But here is a general breakdown of my retail pricing.

Mugs $25 and up
Tea Bowls/Tumblers $20 and up
Soup bowls $20 - $32
Pasta bowls (shallow and larger, about 7-9 inches wide) $25 and up
Serving Bowls:
small start at $25
medium start at $35
large start at $65
Noodle dishes $25 and up
Sushi Sets:
Single $50
Double $75
Plates $25 and up (prices vary greatly based on dinner plates, to serving plates, to large decorative items).
Trays start at $25 and go up to $150 based on their size, style, etc. Contact me for more info. These are not the items I am limited too!