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Life in flux...
I have decided to make the move from Blogger to Tumblr as both an aesthetic choice and a fresh home for new ideas. I searched for awhile but transferring the blog no longer became an option when I decided I wanted to wipe the slate. Wordpress did not quite appeal to me and Blogger is clunky, cluttered and deters from my main purpose of showcasing my artwork. Consider this a stream line.

The past year brought on much change in my personal life. It has impacted my artwork and focus in a positive manner. It has been both productive and creative. I feel I have hit my stride with my work this year and I have a concise direction on which I am headed.

Change is continuous. Life and art is always in flux. This blog will embrace the belief that change is a good thing.

Please visit me at for the new blog.

Monday, June 06, 2011