Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i have a wheel, i have a kiln, i need a bigger kiln, i have a studio...i will be moving and organizing my studio shortly. after 3 shows in august there will be a lack of updates on this site-more so than usual. while i re-group and begin working on new pieces i promise to post photos....

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for info on the classes i am teaching this fall go to http://www.arthouseinc.org. the advanced pottery class will be offered as a credit hour through ashland university. it will focus on surface decoration.

Monday, August 14, 2006

***UPDATE...plea bargain was moved to this Saturday, the 26th. same time, same place.

Being an artgirl means the accumulation of a ridiculous amount of art supplies. I will be selling some art, dirt cheap. And some supplies for jewelry as well. The pottery is good stuff but I need to clear out my inventory for when my studio is up and running. (Which is very soon...). The supplies are just things I no longer use. Lots of goodies.

and check out etsy. i added new things...


Friday, August 04, 2006

Find me, find my art this weekend.

It will be in 3 spots, I however can only be in 2!
Tonight is the opening at Art in the Village @5700.
Saturday during the Lakewood Arts Festival I will be at Local Girl Gallery with an assortment of pottery. See the flyers below.

Also on Saturday I will be part of the Plea Bargain Sale. Ruth aka Ruthless will be babysitting my work including pottery and super super cheap jewelry. It needs to go so come and buy it now! And Ruth, I owe you wine.

Finally thank you to everyone who came out to the Beck Center last evening for the SEAN Member's Show opening Reception. Stop by and check out the great work.

Have a great weekend!