Thursday, January 29, 2009

snow day. sort of. my back is crying. a few years back i tweaked it while digging my car out my street. every winter since i manage to irritate it again. i'm at home trying to use my day off wisely but so far i'm just being a slug. i've been highly unmotivated lately. i think its the weather. in honor of my laziness rather than posting art today here is a picture of the puppy and the dog. currently they are getting along happily however puppy is learning boundaries as it likes to chew on bella's tail. bella is over that. i can't wait to go home and play with the puppy is again. she is too cute and bouncy. miss bella is a doll too.
i need to go through my inventory which i hate doing. the paperwork is the boring part of the business thing. i am learning photoshop and html too. its going to be great to apply it to my site and my promotions for the ceramics business.
off to make coffee and rest up some more so i can get back to work tomorrow.

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