Monday, May 30, 2005

trays, slab dishes to be seen on friday june 3rd Posted by Hello

snippet of my part of "kitschen and dish", a sneak preview if you will Posted by Hello

pieces of mine waiting to be woodfired Posted by Hello

kirk throwing a square plate Posted by Hello

kirk's plate thrown with five sides Posted by Hello

kirk's bunny and tequila worm Posted by Hello

one of blossom's visiting artists, jason hess Posted by Hello

john glick, teapot Posted by Hello

john glick working on a extruded box Posted by Hello

john glick, finished product, Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 19, 2005

collage, natalie lanese Posted by Hello

collage, natalie lanese Posted by Hello

another kitchen shot of natalie's installation Posted by Hello

One of Nat's installations for the show on June 3rd at Buzz Gallery Posted by Hello

close up of Nat's self portrait Posted by Hello

Kitschen and Dish - Natalie Lanese - Self Portrait Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005

death by chocolate

Title: Kitschen and Dish

Media: Clay, Installation, Paintings, Collage

Artists: Gina DeSantis and Natalie Lanese


Kitschen and Dish is the culmination of work produced by Natalie Lanese and Gina DeSantis during their first year of graduate work in fine arts. Natalie’s work, comprising the “kitschen” portion of the show, delves into the theme of domesticity. All based on collage and installation, she explores home decoration, icons of domestic life, and life within the household.

Gina’s “dishes” focus on functional objects with attention to surface decoration. She creates wheel-thrown molds which have been carved to create raised designs on the pieces. This allows her to create an infinite amount of objects with the same design yet each piece remains unique in its shape and size. Gina will be showing a variety of sets and individual objects created for use in the home.

Address: Buzz Gallery, 1836 West 25th, Suite 1B, Cleveland OH, 44113

Exhibition Dates: Friday, June 3rd through June 17th
Opening Reception: Friday, June 3rd, from 6PM-10PM
Gallery Hours: Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat 12PM-4PM, and by appointment

More information:Buzz Gallery -
Gina DeSantis
Natalie Lanese

Sunday, May 01, 2005

more buzz goers Posted by Hello

jewelry show opening Posted by Hello

buzz shoppers Posted by Hello

this is my vincent van gogh toy with detachable ear. it came with a tag that said "send it to someone you love." any takers? Posted by Hello

porcelain slab plate with fossilized sea be woodfired although some might end up with a jade glaze for something a little more "crazy" Posted by Hello

studio Posted by Hello

greenware in my studio, and when i say studio what i mean is cement blocks and 2x4s Posted by Hello

close up of slab plate, white and purple glaze Posted by Hello

more purple Posted by Hello