Thursday, January 01, 2009

goodbye 2008.

the christmas decorations are out of sight until next year. the party clean up is done. i have lots of left overs. i don't think i will so eagerly have a new year's party again. i think it kind sums of a year of overextending myself and spreading myself way to thin. it was a good opportunity to clean out my second bedroom which is where i store etsy work, shoot photos and box up wares to send to you. it is organized and functional once again.

the studio is next. i need a clean up night and then i can make new things.

more to-dos for the new year:

1. shoot more artwork for etsy. its made, its done and i'm not doing a ton of shows this year.

2. get out apps to the few shows i will participate in.

3. right grant.

4. finish workshop proposal. its half way done.

5. enter some juried gallery shows.

6. re-market myself online. including reorganizing my etsy.

7. website updates for my gallery.

happy 2009 to all of you!

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