Monday, May 17, 2010

The Glamourous Life of An Artist...

I thought I would run down a typical week in my life. Granted I usually teach once a week but I think this is a good example of what to be prepared for if you wish to follow art as a career path. Its hard to make a living soley as a potter therefore I have a day job and I teach. I have noticed many career potters are married therefore another income in coming in. I don't have a husband. Its hard enough to get a guy in Cleveland to even commit to dating, but alas that's a whole other blog :) Therefore here is a week in the fabulous life of a single 30 year old artist...

Monday: Day job as an Assistant at an art center. Then straight off to work at my other job for Art House. I usually have to be organized and plan ahead since I don't get to eat any meals at home on Mondays. Come home and have a snack and watch bad acting on CSI: Miami.

Tuesday: Day job. Then taco night. Or another cheap happy hour. I'm broke and this night out with my friends keeps me sane.

Wednesday: Day job. Come home and have 15 minutes to eat dinner then head to the studio to teach.

Thursday: Day job. Then teach a kids' class at Art House. Gym.

Friday: Gym. Studio. Day off until 4 when I go teach at Art House again. Maybe hit a gallery opening. More likely have drinks with friends. Or back to the studio with some Great Lakes if I'm feeling anti-social.

Saturday: Gym. Studio. Grocery shop. Treat myself to a Gypsy Bean Mocha for surviving the week with out killing anyone. Go out or stay in? Depends on how exhausted I am and if I have any money.

Sunday: Gym. Studio. Clean House. Do Laundry. Cook a meal to last the week because I know that Mon-Wed there is no time to cook anything. Catch up on Vampire Diaries and Fringe. Yes, I watch Vampire Diaries. Its my guilty pleasure and the hot guy from LOST is in it so don't hate.

What's missing from this schedule? That's right, a day off. And don't forget that I have even less time if a Saturday and/or Sunday is filled with an art show. Occasionally I take a day off to do something fun but this means no studio. There are definitely times when I can afford to not go to my studio. But frankly I work very hard to afford it and I enjoy spending time there.

And note gym in the summer is often replaced by a bike ride :)

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