Thursday, May 06, 2010

Blog Abandonment

Let's be honest. Keep up with a blog is hard to do. And its finally warm out in the Cleve which means I would rather be on my bike then behind my laptop. While I hope to have some updates this month they will be hard to come by. Its been a long month for better and worse. I participated in a workshop and art show then I headed off to NYC to visit Natalie and see the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA. It was amazing and awesome. Alas, I have yet to get any photos of the trip downloaded. Then I came home to an open studio, an ailing grandmother and ended my week be spraining by foot.

This year I set out to do less festival shows. They are a time suck and a soul suck sometimes. I will only be doing a few Cleveland Handmade shows, the Lakewood Arts Festival (my first time!) and maybe a show in Pittsburgh if they deem me fancy enough to get in (wish me luck). I have one exhibit proposal out and this weekend I begin work for an exhibit. It will be all cherry blossom motifs on the work and I can't wait! Expect less posts and hopefully some photos here and there of the new work.

In the meantime enjoy the beautiful Cleveland weather despite its intermittent nature.

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