Friday, April 22, 2011

A Mental Exercise...

I am throwing three sets of dinnerware. Two sets will consist of four-piece place settings. The third will consist of three. Cherry Blossom, the new hand built series and my new combo of aqua/white/lime will be glazes.

I was quite proud to throw the cherry blossom set last night in one try and in an hour and a half no less! I usually focus on one shape like a mug and make 30 of them. Therefore making four shapes in sets of four is a different beast all together. I'm excited to see the results. I should make more each time I do the sets to allow for cracks, imperfections, etc. to not be such of a problem. But for the meantime I want to work out the design issues of the set and make sure the four pieces align properly before I go overboard.

Its been quite amazing spending so much time in the studio. I feel like the work is moving along quickly and with greater consistency.

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