Sunday, April 10, 2011

Location. Location. Location.

After much debate I have decided to apply to residencies, focusing on Philly, Baltimore and Minneapolis. There is nothing I want more than to be an artist and create work. I think a change of scenery for a few weeks could be helpful and refreshing. The minute I returned from my NYC trip this year I was immediately shocked back into the reality that is my daily grind. I work more then anyone I know. I find that I place a lot of importance on my career but I worry about it defining who I am as a person. With these thoughts in mind I feel a bit of travel and the opportunity to focus solely on my work and myself is exactly what I need. Most of the residencies I am looking at are for a few weeks or up to three months...and ideal amount of time to work quickly on a new body of work. Especially with a short attention span like mine ;)

I am lucky to have a job and an affordable studio. I'm surrounded by family and friends. I need to take advantage of what I have and not focus on what is missing. That will all fall into place in time. I know I won't be here forever but at the end of the day its not really where you are, its who you are with.

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