Friday, November 12, 2010

The Complaint Department Is Closed Until Further Notice

I read a lot of pottery blogs. I like to see what other potters are creating, what shows work or don't work for them, frustrations about selling, etc. Its a great community and I've made some friends through twitter and blogs. However there is one thing that is irking me this week. Successful potters complaining about being successful potters.

As I write this its Thursday evening and I have just finished day four of an eleven day work stretch. This includes my day job which is administrative, teaching at the day job, teaching at another non profit and teaching in my studio.

I realize that it sucks to do production pottery, especially at the holidays. I do it too. Its the time of year where I make rather than create. Cranking out soap dishes, coasters and ornaments like I'm a machine. However I don't get to be a potter full time. I don't even get to be a potter at all some weeks. I'm lucky if I can find two days a week to consistently work in the studio. When I read about how full time potters are complaining about being full time potters I start to get jealous and a bit angry. Every job has its ups, downs and annoyances. I would kill to be you. I envy your success. You are the minority. You have done something I can't imagine pulling off.

On that note, its time for bed. Day five in the eleven day stretch awaits...

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