Friday, June 11, 2010

Sometimes this is a cooking blog. 

I signed up for City Fresh in Lakewood this year. If you are not familiar check out the LEAF site. I get fresh local produce once a week. But you never know what you are getting.

This week I got kohlrabi, a veggie that is new to me. If you like broccoli then you will like kohlrabi. I googled for some recipe and I found a great set of links from Simply Recipes.

I made stirfry with one to try it out. My stirfry sauce was a combo of Cha-cha Chinese Chicken salad dressing (from Heinen's and so amazing to cook with!, Rooster Sauce for heat and soy sauce. The dressing is a combo of sesame oils which makes everything taste amazing. I added the rest of my veggies and some jasmine rice courtesy of Trader Joe's.

I have one left in the fridge as well as the greens from the plant which I found out you can blanche then cook down with garlic and olive oil. Mmmm. I'm excited to try the kohlrabi squash and empanadas this week too. So many new recipes to try. I think this will help me along my path to healthy eating. I'm almost half way to my weight loss goal. I'm trying to add more and more veggies to my diet.

Now if I can just find a cheap mini fridge for the studio I bring my healthy snacks with me.

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