Monday, June 21, 2010

Days off.

I'm quite the busy artist these days. Two grants are due in September. A gallery exhibit app is due in July. I have 4 shows this summer. And I teach.

Next week and the week after something rare and exciting is happening. I am getting 2 weeks off of teaching! I love to teach, don't get me wrong. But the idea that every night is mine and I can do what I like is amazing. This won't happen again until December and then I'll be in show mode.

To spend 2 weeks in the studio as I wish is my version of vacation. As I have learned reading more about INFJ personality types the best thing for me is to work on my art. Being in my studio is a theraputic experience despite the haze that comes with preparing for shows.

Also with this time I plan on riding my bike, checking out a happy hour or two and finishing True Blood Season 2. Oh yes, its going to be great.

This has been one of the best summers I have had in awhile and I have my artwork to thank.

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