Saturday, April 17, 2010

Strictly Functional Workshop 2010.
One artist/teacher was Sylvie Granatelli. She was the reason I attended this workshop to begin with. I have been following her work for awhile but her recent cover of Ceramics Monthly cemented by interest.

She created a variety of pieces for the workshop including her square dinnerware set and her swan condiment dishes. Above are two photos of her working and then a photo of her work in the exhibit. What attracted me to her pieces were the colors and shapes. She has highly carved vessels but they remain simple. Her views and insights into selling and creating work are very similar to mine. We both enjoy color, textiles, and food. She is technical without bombarding you the student with information. Its tricky sometimes as a teacher. You have to find a balance of instruction to the student coupled with allowing the student to explore the medium in a creative manner.

I was most intrigued by the fact that she was taking notes during the other presenters' demos. I think that is something every artist in every stage of their career should do. You should never stop learning as an artist. The idea that ceramics is still unknown to me and I can never learn everything there is to know about clay is one of the main reasons I still seek out this medium.

I am very concerned with how things are used since my days as a merchandiser. I worry not only about my aesthetic but how the pieces will be displayed and used. I am also highly inspired by textiles and fashion.

I also love to cook. If you follow this blog you have seen my recipes, etc. I think food, its preparation and presentation plays a large part in the work I produce.

I will keep you posted as to how my work ends up being affected by this lovely workshop...

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