Sunday, April 18, 2010

More from the Strictly Functional Workshop...

I was by Fong Choo's work when I visited his website. His work is so well crafted that it almost appears to be glass in the photos. His demos did not disappoint. He throws small, non-functional teapots. Below is a demo of him attaching handles to one of these tiny pots.

He also showed us some options for handles on the mug below.

Below is an example of his finished work.

What I enjoyed about Fong Choo and Bill Van Gilder was their ability to craft tools specifically detailed for their work. I must admit to being too lazy to ever make my own tools. I would rather be making art then making tools. I was able to pick up a few of these tools from each presenter which I look forward to using in my studio and the classroom.

Also I should mention Fong Choo is an excellent respresentation of artist and business person. The two have become synonomous thanks to the internet. He spoke about doing shows, selling to galleries and not basing your prices on the economy but rather their value.

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