Friday, February 26, 2010

This time last year I was on the verge of unemployment. I was serving out my last days in retail purgatory waiting for the corporate monkeys to tell us when we could officially close the store. Due to the shopping center suing us we got the opportunity to work a little bit longer and basically do no work other than chit chat with the customers about the dysfunction of the economy, etc. I can't say I was particularly upset that I was getting laid off. Honestly I had zero luck finding any other jobs in the 3 years I was trapped there. I thought my only way out would be to get fired or get laid off.

It took a little over a month to find a job. Not bad at all. I worked as a Marketing Asst. despite the fact I went to school for art. I'm good at it and I enjoy it. But after 2 months there I lucked out and heard about my current job. A job in the arts anywhere is hard to come by, especially in Cleveland. I still dream of a college teaching job someday. Even just to teach one adjunct class a week would thrill me. Alas, easier said than done. Apparently I have not honed my stalking skills to include the job market. And I don't want to move to Tennessee or Wisconsin to get a teaching job. Fail. Sorry TN and WI, although Forbes feels differently there are places I like Cleveland more than and you are it.

Its not so bad here. I like it. No plans on moving but you never know. Look where I was last year.

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Beatrice and Nadia said...

I'm with you about "retail hell," seeing that I've worked a lot of retail jobs. It's probably one of the most unfulfilling, unsatisfying jobs out there, unless you're a masochist. I, too, hope you find a job you love, since I'm searching for one of my own. Too bad I've developed a strong aversion to working for other people, thanks to my own retail hell.