Saturday, December 19, 2009

The last installment of my life in list form for 2009!

1. Today is my last show of 2009. Please visit my hot mess of a studio for sales. Please bring me baileys.
2. As I enjoy the first Christmas in 3 years because the last 3 years I worked in retail hell. I am reminded that:
-I loved being a merchandiser. But I hated when the managers undid all of my hardwork thus sending me into a meltdown.
-I hated leaving work covered in sweat and glitter. I think perhaps this is how strippers feel.
-I hated ungrateful customers who seemed to think that you get paid to deal with their holiday craziness. Guess what, we didn't.
-I am happy I got laid off because if I didn't I would probably still be trapped in retail purgatory forever.
-There is nothing like working at a "lifestyle center" aka faketown when you have a Masters degree.
-There is nothing like being treated like a moron because customers equate working in retail with stupidity. Again, MFA so bite me.
-I hated that people thought posters that were framed (badly) were made my local artists.
3. Next week commences the making of yummy holiday foods: manicotti style crepes, wedding soup, stuffed olives, and pizelles.
4. Next week commences 2 weeks off. Not only do I not work in faketown anymore, I have 2 weeks off.
5. With these 2 weeks off I will sleep a lot, work out, eat, drink, be merry, and clean the hot mess of a studio. Can I fill 2 weeks with these things? Oh, yes. Yes I can.
Merry Christmas!

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