Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i would love to post a picture for you but i still don't have MY laptop! i have stolen dad's while mine is under repair. i hope to be reunited sometime tomorrow. then i can finish my logo job, get the open studio cards completed and start doing some web design.

today i checked out a new-ish hardware store in lakewood. i went to home depot to find a higher mesh sieve. my glazes have something gritty that my old screen can't filter out. after the hd employee looked blankly at me i decided to head over to lakewood hardware. keep in mind that a higher mesh sieve through a ceramics site would run me $30 or more dollars plus shipping. thankfully they had a handy bag do-dad for painters. so i get double the filter and just place it in my other sieve. and it cost $1. gotta love that. kinda like the time i ordered a silicone rolling pin (because the clay doesn't stick). it arrives and its a fiesta ware brand roller i could have bought at target for cheaper. making your own pottery gadgets are the way to go.

i have some new work to post online too. some of it needs a redo. the glazes just came out wrong or things look less than stellar. i'm trying to complete some work to enter in juried gallery shows. with my free time i feel i should use it wisely. i feel unfocused with the burden of trying to find employment. i also think i've reached the end of the internet.

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