Saturday, March 14, 2009

how to keep my unemployed self busy this week...

1. go to the studio and make everything i have not had the time to make. this includes more bowls, cups of course and some jewelry ideas. also some tiles to wrap in pmc. my tray shards are too thick.
2. post evidence of this hard work to my flickr...
3. spring clean the house. and throw out a bunch of crap. tomorrow is trash day. i have a mission.
4. finish apryl's logos. half way done and she is happy so i am happy.
5. make ellen a pretty website.
6. go to the gym more than twice a week. the recession diet is in. you only eat ramen and hotdogs and workout because you are paying for the membership. if its nice a walk may be in order.
7. parttake in the cheapness that is lakewood happy hour. i must socialize to some extent.
8. list more things on artfire. take things off of etsy and put new things on.
9. fix the bad feng shui in my studio and the wonky wedging table.
10. drink $3 wine with ruth.
as you can see i will be quite busy living the glamourous life of a starving artist.
oh yeah and come see my at the clifton arts and musicfest in june. cheers.

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