Sunday, November 09, 2008

Art Show Etiquette, Pt. 2

I do not like to blog about bad experiences at shows for the sake of networking but I feel that artists get run over by their treatment at some shows. Some use the show circuit as a day job. For myself I just hope to someday have a nice secondary income. That being said, if a show is promoting itself its not worth my time. I'm over handing out cash to rent a table and donating to auctions to have the promoter make money off artists who aren't making money.

Here is where the etiquette comes in. If I am doing your show and there is no one shopping but vendors do not walk into my booth and tell me you think my displays are why work is not selling. First off all I am a visual merchandiser. This means I make money for stores by making them look pretty with window displays, table displays, etc. I've been doing shows for over 5 years so I know what makes my pottery look good. And that is minimal distractions around it. Suggesting to put up scarves and twinkle lights on my booth is not helpful and only costs me money I'm not making.

Second if no one is there to see a display it does me no good. I can't sell things or present things properly if I do not have an audience. Chotching up my table distracts from the fact that I actually make nice work. Also p.s. if you sell nutroll you will make a goldmine. The show ended at 4. I was pulling out of the parking lot at 4:07.

On that note I am looking forward to my next few shows because I know it will be handled with class and professionalism. I am sticking with the shows I know and the people I know in order to maintain my artistic sanity.

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