Thursday, October 09, 2008

i have decided to relax a bit. i may not have as much new work for my open studio glazed but i have two new galleries showing my work starting in november and my ornaments will be done next week. i am in a good spot. on that note i decided that i would make soup from the left over veggies i had from my first pot of soup this week. so here is the first recipe. i will post the other soon. i like to make bowls but i also like to make yummy food to put in them. cold weather is soup season. its one of the only things i like about the cold.
italian sausage soup (basically like wedding soup with sausage instead of meatballs and some tomatoes thrown in for richness.) p.s. i hate to bake because it requires measurement so my recipe lacks specifics. just wing it. its more fun that way.
1 lrg can chicken broth
1 small can vegetable broth
carrots, celery, onion.
1 can diced tomatoes
ground sweet italian sausage
fresh garlic
oregano, black pepper, basil and a dash of dill and thyme
olive oil
orzo pasta
brown sausage then toss in onions, garlic then toss in olive oil.
after 2 minutes add celery and carrots.
wait another 2 minutes and add broth, tomatoes and everything else but pasta.
cook for about and hour.
boil pasta then drain and add to yummy soup.
bring to neighbor to share.

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