Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Who is drinking the haterade?"
- my students

This year I made a conscious decision to become more devoted to spending time in my studio. With this mission came a lack of free time for social activities. When I go out I want to have a good time. I want to laugh. I want to sip an adult beverage and catch up with my friends. I do not want to sit and here people complain and whine and moan over every detail of their lives. I didn't realize how much it drained me, how it drained my creativity until a few weeks ago. No more. Its time to thin the herd.

Today reinforced this notion when I read a twitter post that led me to a blog devoted entirely to hating Cleveland. I question even writing one blog post entirely devoted to dislike let alone doing so daily. Not like I don't complain. I do. A lot. I can not tell a lie. But if you are devoting a large portion of your time to writing hate filled blog posts, twitter and facebook status updates you perhaps need to re-evaluate your life and the definition of social media. I'm guessing no one wants to be social with you anymore so you live on the computer.

If you put as much energy into your artwork as you do into constant hatred towards all things maybe you would be a better artist.

On that note, later haters. Going to ride my bike, drinking margaritas with M and you are not invited.

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