Monday, December 13, 2010

Craft Show Etiquette Installment #307: NOT to get a discount

I just had an amazing show (again!) at Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland. The nasty weather held out and all was well. Craft show regulars know to bring cash and even bring their own bags (vendors love you so much for that, I hope you know!) But with shows brings the occasional negative comments. My favorite this weekend...

"Just wait next week until the Last Minute Market. It will be on sale then."

Let me preface this post by saying I have no problem coming down on the price of something if the customer is understanding of the amount of work that goes into a handmade pottery piece and if the purchase is considerable.

I keep my prices lower than I should. I am slowly increasing prices of certain items because frankly I cannot afford to undervalue my work. If and when I run sales I keep in mind that many galleries in the area sell my work. I cannot undercut them. They do me a huge service by carrying my work. I respect them and appreciate them for the hard work of selling art. I can't sell you a mug half price when my gallery reps are selling them at market value.

The clearance section you WILL find at my studio is a seconds area. This is work that is older, experimental or has a minor flaw that totally pisses me off. Its not my best work nor does it represent my current direction but nevertheless it deserves a loving home.

The sale you will find at my studio is my usual once a year mug sale. Some mugs, not all will be $20. These are the misfit mugs. All of their friends have been bought and they need a home.

Other than that, if you expect a deal treat me AND my work will a little respect. I work hard to bring you high quality items. And not everyone can do what I do. I can't do what some other potters do! Insults will get you no where in the land of discount ceramics.

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