Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another installment of "My Life in List Form". Because that is only way I accomplish anything.
1. This weekend I made 80 ornaments. Today I get to spend my time at the studio prettying them up. I hate this part.
2. New plan. Marry rich. Get full time live in masseuse. This ceramics chick's back hurts.
3. Beer Engine in a few. Starting this week out right.
4. We are a few days away from my favorite meal of the year. I'm a foodie.
5. 3 down. Lots to go. 1 inch down as well. Thats even better.
6. Christmas tree is up. Purple, silver and pink. Its like Jem and frickin holograms.
7. 5 bottles of left over wine. I live alone. That's 5 good nights this week.
8. Mop the kitchen floor again. Tonic water incident last evening. Oops.
9. Soup of the week: vegetable with israeli couscous. mmmm.
10. I'm thankful this year that: I'm in an amazing studio with a lot of supportive artists, I have a day job in the arts, I don't work in retail purgatory (which includes not being covered in glitter, sweat or tears at the end of a work day), That I have 2 weeks at Christmas to spend with my family and relax, and that I have lots of shows coming up so I get to share my artwork with all of you and get out of the studio and be social! Oh yes, and I'm thankful I have amazing friends who will watch my booth for me. You rock!

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