Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the goings on of the ceramics chick...in list form. because lists are the only way i get things done.

i could use at least 4 more hours in a day.

i wish i had a clay wedging gnome. he could follow me around and do the dirty work in the studio. maybe i should try craigslist?

i think i'm never planning a party again. seriously.

i have 2 classes at Art House this fall! i have 2 at Orange Art Center! you should take one. ceramics is fun. i'm funny. it will be good times. i promise.

i have 70 coasters to paint cherry blossoms on. what was i thinking?

i'm tired of exhausting people. i'm already exhausted. you are not helping.

i need to clean the spare bedroom. i've lived at my new place for 2 months. perhaps its time to finally organize the room? again, a helper gnome would be delightful.

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