Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Seconds Sale at Open Air in Market Square

I will be at Open Air in Market Square this Saturday, July 11th from 10-4pm. Joined by the lovely and hilarious Bridget Ginley, we will be selling all kinds of goodies including ceramics, cards and prints. Open Air is located on W. 25th in Cleveland...across from the Westside Market.

Why attend? Well because the Ingenuity Festival downtown won't have awesome art from locals at low prices. Not to mention there is no admission charge for Open Air. Great live music. And of course its right by Great Lakes Brewing Co., The Market Avenue Wine Bar, and Bar Cento.

So what is a seconds sale? Seconds are pieces that don't represent my current line of work. The pieces are either from older collections, experiments or pieces with minor flaws that annoy the artists. i.e. these little cracks that form on the bottom of my pots due to the amazing Cleveland humidity. I don't feel right selling work at my normal prices that isn't perfect. Perhaps I'm a touch OCD. But basically little hairline cracks like this don't affect the use of the piece at all. So you get a $25 for about $10-15 instead. Good deal, right?!

All of my pieces will be marked at $15 or less!!! But please note I will not have any new work with me. If there is something you want email me directly at so I can be sure to bring it with me. And you can always stop by my studio. Again, email me to set an appointment.

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