Sunday, June 28, 2009

i am very excited to be participating in the randolph street market on july 25 and 26. i have never done an out of state show so this will be interesting. the organizers seem amazing and have been putting up with me asking all kinds of questions. i have heard nothing but good things about this show so i can't wait to set up shop then do some shopping of my own.

in the meantime i am spending july making a couple of new things but mostly taking pictures of work before i haul it to chicago. i do a good job of keeping my website info up to date but i haven't updated the pics in a very long time. i can't wait to get some new stuff up there.

i also need to clean house on the etsy site. time for an overhaul. i should also mention on july 11th i will be with bridget ginley at open air in market square. but please note i will not have any new work. i am getting rid of old stuff with a seconds sale! nothing over $15. how can you not like that. i just moved and i need the space. so off it goes.

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