Saturday, May 23, 2009

I've been working on a new business card. What do you think? Of course I didn't post the backside with my phone number...why? Because this is the internet! So you will just have to imagine it.

In other exciting news I will be participating in the Randolph Street Market in Chicago! I will be there on July 25 & 26. I'm excited to be in a show outside of Ohio. Not that I don't love it here but it will be nice to display my work to a new audience.

I have also been work on a line of "Wareables". Ceramic jewelry and even some beaded items. These will be listed on etsy in the near future. I missed making jewelry and have been slowly playing with PMC. Images to come soon. I also need to learn how to post new images to my webpage gallery. I have so much new work and I need to get those images on the site this summer.

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