Wednesday, April 08, 2009


today i broke an $80 bowl by dropping a $25 mug on it. its amazing how i can exhibit such grace on the pottery wheel yet the minute i step away from it i am a total disaster. i am getting ready to take new work to local girl gallery. i also have new representation at la lanterna in little italy and heritage gallery in canal fulton. i will post links as soon as i get my work safely to them. this chore of organizing my work made me realize how unfocused the remainder of the work seems. i have an open studio in may, the clifton arts fest in june, and a show in chicago in july. alas i have plenty of free time ahead of me to get work done. this is assuming i don't drop it all.

i posted an image from a lucie rie set. as you know from reading she is my heroine. for some reason the art i like tends to be from women who were silent but strong and put up with a lot of crap. i sometimes get unfocused and over complicate my work so i find revisiting artists i enjoy refocuses me onto the correct path.

here is the thing i realized. i am creative. i don't know where the ideas come from. some of them are bad. most of them are good. bad ideas lead to editing. editing leads to me making great work. asking me to explain how i fill in the blanks with no direction is pointless. if you're not truly creative then you don't get it. i can see what you can't. and likewise. asking me to explain how i come up with ideas is pointless because their origins are countless. you can teach a person how to express themselves and hope to free them of inhibitions but you can't teach creativity. it needs to be molded. the moral of this is don't judge what you don't understand. if you don't get it you have no position to judge in the first place.

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