Wednesday, August 13, 2008

some images from chicago. we went to the art institute. i had time to check out the permanent collection in great detail. i loved this decanter set. amazing. i should also mention i love renaissance, northern european and impressionist painting. i often felt out of place at grad school because i did not know hip and trendy current painters nor was i obsessed with modern art. i am attracted to good design and skill. sorry hipster art students.

look its becca and i reflected in the bean. soon after we hopped on a trolley to navy pier then went to an italian restaurant that just opened (that i can't remember the name of). but when i do i will post it. delicious. ate my weight in foccacia bread. clearly.
we also stumbled across the gold coast art festival. great show...not a lot of potters...not sure why. i am the proud owner of 2 new snappy necklaces. yeah art.

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