Friday, February 10, 2006

close up of a bowl fused to a tray. can be hung. or set on a table. stoneware. matte black, matte white and lime glaze about 18 inches long.

set of 6 bowls which is now 5 bowls because i break things on a frequent basis. lime and matte white glaze with iron oxide stampings.

bright purple tray with stampings you can't see in the photo too well.

full view of the black tray hanging do-dad.

just playing around...more photos soon. lots of work to be done.


Mike said...

not to mention you can mess with people who try to pick the bowl up...

seriously, that's cool

artgirl said...

thanks. its a small part of a bigger idea. stay tuned. nothing to do with my thesis. its an idea on hold for a moment.

and yes, its fun to screw with people.