Tuesday, December 13, 2005

in reply to a poster's comment, i would be more than happy to ship things cross country. the reason i attempted this blog is so that not only clevelanders would get to see my work.

if anyone needs price info, commissions, glaze choices, or other questions please drop me a line.

the art house sale was a financial success however the sales were limited to a few repeat and loyal customers. it was a good day for jewelers, bad day for potters.

for the rest of the season you can find me at pop shop, local girl gallery, and forst gallery. or you can contact me directly and shop in my house.

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Mike said...

lol...i was kinda guessing that'd be your answer...

i have to get a gift or two for my sister - her b-day is on christmas - plus i drew her name in our gift exchanged - i got her a cool little circle painting bridget did - but i want to get her a few more items