Wednesday, July 27, 2005

please visit this link: [ Eat Sugar Spend Money ]

Hi friends! Please join us this Saturday for the opening reception of 'Eat Sugar Spend Money' at newsense gallery in Lakewood. See how a variety of artists address themes of excess, gluttony, wastefulness, and empty consumerism.

Jason Byers
Jessica Diamond
Timothy Gaewsky
Adriane Herman
Brooke Inman
Natalie Lanese
Dana Oldfather
Abe Olvido
Maria Prainito
H.N. Semjon
Slop Art
Barbara Westermann
David Wetzl

Saturday - July 30 - 6 to 9 pm
refreshments served (please consider bringing food or drink to share)
the Free Minds rock the garage. .
thanks, and hope to see you Saturday


natlie said...

i got a few glimpses of the work last night when i dropped mine off and this show is gonna be great...if you're interested in the issues of consumption in our culture, wait till you see some of these visual/audio interpretions. there is some pretty sweet stuff here...come check it out!

hope to see you all there...

Mike said...

when else can this be viewed - i can't seem to find other times on the site?